Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the mod ?

The mod is a folder .rar, that mean that you have to extract it with a software like Winrar. Then you go into \A&S2 and \WRD Install and start the \AshAndShadowsSetup.exe. You gonna have to click on Next, select your Wargame Red Dragon location, click on Next and Install. Here's a visual guide of the process: There you go !

What makes the mod awesome ?

Changes through mod :
New units are modern units or prototypes (nowadays). So there are the latest tanks like the K2 PIP KASTAM Black Panther or the T-14 Armata, the latest aircraft like the F-22 Raptor, the Rafale F3R or the F-35 lighting II, the latest missiles like the MMP or the Meteor and the latest technologies like the APS, or the anti-air jammers or anti-helicopter lasers.

It also includes new playable nationalities, it does not add new ones but reorganizes them to add others, like India or Turkey.

There is also a rebalancing of the game, indeed the new missiles (anti-tank as anti-air) shoot from further away, the bombs have more range etc.... Missiles are also more effective, tank armour is more resistant, anti-aircraft are more precise, aircraft are more stealthy and infantry is more resistant.

New game mechanics : Among the new game mechanics there are :
- Infantry mortar, some infantry are equipped with a light mortar.
- New attack mode for some anti-tank missiles, some missiles (3rd and 4th generation for experts) attack vehicles targeted by their roofs, this is now added in the statistics of the missiles concerned.(modifié)
- Electronic Countermeasures for helicopters, in the original game there were only the planes that were able to lure the opposing missiles, it is now also possible for helicopters.
- APS (The soft kill APS defeats the missile so that it does not reach the vehicle; while the hard kill APS destroys the threat before its certain impact on the vehicle). soft kill: tanks now have smoke (manual activation) to hide and protect them, hard kill: to simulate this system, I have to add CIWS on tanks, this addition is well thought because the result is identical to reality, the missile does not touch the vehicle,
- laser jammers, chinese tanks are equipped with a laser APS, which can target optronic helicopters to blind them, in the game this "weapon" panics enemy helicopters, which will therefore be much less accurate in their shots,
- anti-air jammers, the electronic warplanes are now equipped with a "weapon" which puts in panic the anti-air radar, which is very practical in addition to the traditional anti-air missiles, - the boats have been reworked, the CIWS now has blind spots,

Disadvantages : Mod players can only play with each other (watch out for that!) and since the Wargame Red Dragon game is not basic modable, there are no new 3D models, so they are replaced by 3D models already existing in the game, but this is purely visual and does not change anything else

Why isn't the _______ unit in the mod?

With the available mod tools, new units cannot be added into the game. There are a handful of old 'hidden' units which can be reactivated and recycled, but these are all used up. Other than that, all the 'new' units are older ones that have been repurposed and changed. As a result, I have to be quite selective with what goes into the mod. Units that are only superficially different from others already in the game, units that don't add anything unique or useful for their faction and units that don't fit the scale of the engagements (strategic weapons in particular are an example of this) don't make the cut.

Specifically, how about Green Berets for the US?

Other than being functionally similar in game to Navy Seals or Rangers, here's an answer from a fan of the mod who's also a service member: Green Berets would never be used on the battlefield of a conventional war. In fact, that couldn't be further from their mission. While Green Berets can perform the duties associated with Rangers, they are not "door kickers." Their mission is one of fighting proxy wars by training irregular local forces, and even then, they rarely go on missions with the people they train.

70% ECM on the Raptor seems, uh, excessive

The in game ECM is a composite of several real world features; IR and Chaff countermeasures, RADAR and IR warning recievers more 'traditional' RADAR jamming, DRFM jamming of incoming missiles and signature reduction features that inhibit autonomous weapons lock, and the use of low-probability of intercept RADAR rather than only representing a dedicated podded EW unit. Addititionally, an owner countries military R&D capacity to discover and develop new countermeasures as threats evolve plays into their overall in game ECM stats. Additionally, modern AESA radars are also capable of carrying out some EW functions. The F-22's combination of signature reduction, low probability of intercept AESA radar and its position as a premiere fighter of the USA, a country with a large military budget and a track record of investing heavily to stay 'ahead of the curve' with respect to EW-threats contribute to its high ECM value.

Do I need to have DLC for A&S? What about the DLC nations?

Israel and Yugoslavia are still in the game, with updates. Holland has been converted into India and Finland has been turned into a combine of South American nations (UNASUR) You will need the DLCs to play these nations. Additionally, some units from the DLC nations have been moved elsewhere, making some units 'lock out' other decks if certain units are used without the DLCs - The chinese deck is an example of this.

Can I suggest other units to add to the mod?

Sure, but, space for new units is limited and there are a number of unit suggestions that have already been rejected: Any strategic bomber Any ship above frigate size M1 Thumper 140mm tank - dated unit and u-nessisary in the US list Pantsir for USSR BMPT-Terminator for USSR - Never adopted by the USSR internally, only sold to others Strv 2000 - dated unit Su-47; a technology testbed, not a production fighter, it would add nothing to the USSR air tab